Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission


U.P State Law Commission

The present U.P. State Law Commission has been created by the State of U.P., by Government Order No- 53/79-VIDHAYI-1-2014-33-2013 Dated 20th January, 2014. Previous to the creation of present State Law Commission six State Law Commissions were constituted by the U.P. Government. Act, notifications or executive orders. Third Law Commission was constituted by notifications number 1788/Seventeen-V-1-1 51/70 (T.C.) dated 5 september 1995. Fourth Law Commission was constituted by notifications number 1267/Seventeen-V-1-law 31/99 dated 25 June 1999. Fifth Law Commission constituted by U.P. Act No. 30 of 2005 and subsequently repealed by Act No. 20 of 2007 with effect from 2 June 2007. Sixth Law Commission constituted by Act No.10 of 2010 and repealed on 12/09/2012. They were for a fixed period. The U.P Government felt it necessary to create this State Law Commission through the aforesaid G.O. so that there may be continuity in the process of revision of Acts, repeal of obsolete Acts and amendments in the existing Acts. First Chairman of present Law Commission was Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ravindra Singh (Retd.) with effect from 16.05.2016 to 18.06.2017 and his lordship resigned on 27.03.2017 which was accepted by office memo dated 19.04.2017. Consequent to the resignation of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ravindra Singh present Chairman Hon’ble Mr. Justice Aditya Nath Mittal has been appointed by notification dated 18.08.2017 who took over the charge of Commission on 18.08.2017 itself.

The Commission is Located at :

Manyawar Kanshi Ram Green (ECO) Garden,
Administrative Block-B, Old Jail Road,
Lucknow -226005
Telephone No. : 0522 2450007, 2460002
Fax No.(O) : 0522 2450007
E-mail : statelawcommission2018@gmail.com