Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission

Functions of the Commission

The functions and powers of the U.P. State Law Commission are mentioned in the Order No-53/79-VIDHAYI-1-2014-33-2013 dated-20-01-2014. The area referred to the state Law Commission by the aforesaid order are as follows:-

  • Receives, and consider proposal for the reform of the law which may be made or referred to it.
  • Prepares and submits to the State Government, from time to time, programmes for the examination of different branches of the law with a view to suggest reforms there in.
  • Undertakes pursuant to the recommendations approved by the State Government and suomotu examination of the particular branches of the law and formulation , by means of draft bills or otherwise , of proposals for reform there in.
  • Prepares on the request of the state Government comprehensive programmes of consolidation and revision of State Laws and undertakes the preparation of draft bills pursuant to any programme approved by the State Government.
  • Suggest the departments of the State Government and other authorities or bodies concerned, proposals for the reform or amendments of any branch of the law.
  • Detailed scrutiny of the laws prevailing in the State.
  • Cause of delay in Civil, Criminal, and Revenue Cases and their remedies.
  • Cause of delay in the Arbitration cases with regard to the department to the Government and suggestions sought to ensure the quick disposal of the cases.
  • To remove the amibiguity, contradictions in the laws prevailing in the State.
  • To make the suggestions so that general public can have easy access to justice.
  • Review and scrutiny of the laws prevailing on a particular subject.
  • To suggest the amendments or new laws to implement the Directive Principles mentioned in Chapter IV of the Constitution of India.
  • To propose the amendments in any law if that law is inconsistent with the provision of the Constitution of India.
  • To make study and make suggestions on the law points on matters referred to by the Government from time to time.
  • In the light of development in information technology, amendments and suggestions in the concerned laws.
  • The Procedure for the discharge of its functions.
    The functions of the commission are to research on particular subject and to perform other functions as mentioned in the G.O.
  • The rules regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or use by its employee for discharging its function.
    The commission is a part of the State Government and works under the Administrative Control of Law Department Government of U.P. Hence U.P. Government Servant Conduct Rules 1956 and provisions of Financial Hand Book apply to the employees. The day to day business of the commission is carried out according to the directions of the Hon'ble Chairman.